Kayla Buenting
Youth in Revolt

Reviewin'- 'Common Courtesy'- A Day to Remember

Forewarning for everyone that might come across this little review, it will be written biasedly. I have and will forever hold a big place in…

Trailer Premiere: The Maine "Love and Drugs"

The Maine released a very "indie-mysterious-very-the-maine" tidbit of their music video for their song "Love and Drugs" on Altpress.com. Check out some behind the scene photos…
Kayla Buenting
Kayla Buenting Aug 29, 2013

My Warped Tour 2013 Experience

Hiya guys, so I'm here to give you fellow buzznet-ers a recap of my Warped Tour, so sit back (or close to the screen) and…
Kayla Buenting
Kayla Buenting Aug 03, 2013
Kayla Buenting
Kayla Buenting Jul 22, 2013

8123 Tour recap!

Heya everyone! I had the lovely chance to go see one of the last dates of the 8123 tour in Dallas last night and it was…
The Wonders Years new music video!vid

The Wonders Years new music video!

Check out The Wonder Year's new music video for "Passing Through a Screen Door"!   

June Favorites!

July is here which means another session of FAVORITES!  2013 has got to be the best year of new releases by far, no lie. I just…
Warped Welcomes Parents for FREEvid

Warped Welcomes Parents for FREE

Coming from a gal that attended her first Warped tour with her parents at the cool age of 14, this is some pretty cool stuff…

Warped Fashion: Crops And Shorts

So with Warped in full swing, I wanted to jump on the Warped bandwagon and do my rendition of "Warped" Fashion. (I said "warped" three…
Kayla Buenting
Kayla Buenting Jun 23, 2013

Evolution of .. A Rocket to the Moon

So I seem to have lost track of time and did not realize that yesterday was in fact Tuesday, but I say oh well and…
Kayla Buenting
Kayla Buenting Jun 12, 2013


Hey guys, here are some pictures I took. Just a compilation of anything and everything!
4 new pics
Kayla Buenting
Kayla Buenting Jun 08, 2013

Reviewin'- The Wonder Years' The Greatest Generation

Heya guys, So I've finally gotten the chance to listen to 'The Greastest Generation' in its entirety and so I'm here to give you guys my…

Evolution of.. Never Shout Never

In honor of Never Shout Never's new song "Malibu" (that you can listen to here)  and #transformationtuesday I thoulght I would do a little evolution of…
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